We deliver focused and people oriented software solutions. We've built enterprise-scale products; we've implemented scalability with security, agility, transparency, collaboration and speed. Our application services leverage the best of cutting-edge solutions from the private sector, tailored to the complex requirements of government.

Our Work

GMG ArcData has designed, developed, and deployed a commercial application that supports business activities such as procurement and R&D. This multi-tenant application supports several initiatives from the Department of Commerce, Department of Health and Human Resources, and other federal agencies and hundreds of users across various business roles. Key features include:

  1. Data services available via GraphQL APIs.
  2. Flexible data models implemented in PostgreSQL.
  3. Mobile-friendly frontend/client app developed using cutting-edge React components.
  4. Intuitive administrative workflow to automate manual back office work.
  5. Secure Amazon Cognito, Simple Email Service, and other production-ready services.


Our Contract Vehicles