Proof of Concept


GMG ArcData does not simply create software solutions. It creates holistic solutions that meet the underlying business and organizational objectives through application of first principles and design thinking to ensure change management, adoption, optimization, and sustainability are all addressed. We support proofs of concept that has clear business and technical objectives, sound evaluation criteria, and a discrete step toward production/commercialization, reducing risk and focusing on delivering solutions that meet the customer’s expectation.

Our Work

GMG ArcData is creating a mobile app to improve communication and data exchange among various players in the healthcare system. GMG ArcData has partnered with a major health system to design, develop, and test the solution with users and their caregivers and family members with the goal of improving patient-provider communication and interaction. The proof of concept will have the following major components:

  1. Integrate with major electronic health records (EHR) systems by using modern messaging and document standards and data interfaces.
  2. Apply user-centered design theory and behavioral psychology approaches to co-design, develop, and test usability of features that optimize the interaction among people, processes, and systems.
  3. Prototype with machine learning and multimedia content to put the patient at the center of care.
  4. Proof of concept evaluation focused on usability and reduction of cognitive burden on caregivers and providers.


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