Solution Architecture


We help you make better decisions and strategic analyses with your big data. GMG has used cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence to give our clients the upper hand. Combining tools like machine learning, data analytics and data visualizations, we deliver the solutions that transform. We've brought better pricing capabilities to B2B clients, predictive operational monitoring and baselining to a large marketplace. Building on experience with AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure we leverage powerful cloud-based solutions that scale to identify threats, detect fraud, and extract complex information.

Our Work

GMG ArcData recently won a contract with a major metropolitan agency to perform customization and enhancement tasks for its healthcare marketplace which covers tens of thousands of citizens. Our key tasks include:

  1. Implement value-enhancing and user-centric functions through DevSecOps, ensuring continuous delivery of software but also continuous delivery of business value.
  2. Implement design thinking principles continuously and iteratively by focusing and empathising with the user, learning about the user, ideating, prototyping and testing.
  3. Define, build and operate through design sprints, 1 or 2-week development sprints followed by UAT testing/launch phase.
  4. Explore user flows combined with human centered design activity and user interviews/surveys deliver wireframes which are then built into visual design.
  5. Decompose user stories into technical requirements and technical architecture.
  6. Analyze technical architecture is analyzed for any updates to services and infrastructure that might be required.
  7. Build and test proofs of concept in lower environments to validate system design.
  8. Make modifications to various web framework modules as well as the enterprise identify and access management module.
  9. Build any technical scaffolding that might be required such as Cucumber mock objects and configure the enterprise service bus.


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